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RAC attend if your car breaks down at home, or within 1/4 mile of your house.


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RAC offers sound advice for Glastonbury festival

One of the worldâ??s most famous music festivals has come around once more, with Glastonbury 2011 rocking the West Country over the last weekend in June, and RAC has taken the opportunity to provide festival-goers with some key travel tips.
RAC offers sound advice for Glastonbury festival

Over 130,000 people descend upon Worthy Farm in Somerset for the music and chaos of Glastonbury Festival each year, and inevitably this causes a surge in traffic and breakdowns reported to the RAC, but the cover provider always takes steps to prepare for this.  Glastonbury 2010 saw RAC assist just under 400 stranded motorists during the event, which is famous for attracting challenging weather conditions. 

RAC has moved to help those travelling to Glastonbury by car without any breakdown assistance by offering a one-off festival cover, at a cost of £40.  Those interested can enquire further and request this alternative policy by phoning 07902 906413.
Whilst many breakdowns are caused by unexpected mechanical faults, and require professional assistance, RAC has also advised festival-goers that they can do plenty to help themselves stay clear of any motoring mishaps:
Keep keys safe – RAC receives a lot of calls simply because their car keys have got lost somewhere at the festival.
Plan ahead – Your Sat-Nav isn’t always right, and could lead you to a road closure, so check up on the route beforehand.
Check your vehicle – The golden rule for all long journeys is to check your car is roadworthy, and this includes tyres, oil and water.
Be kind to your car’s battery – RAC advises that running too many electrical items through the car will drain the battery and could leave you stranded.
Efficient driving – Every penny counts, and fuel prices are up 15% from this time last year, so choose an efficient route, and keep your top speed down.
Remember your parking spot – The weekend takes its toll, so keep a note of exactly where the car is parked, making your search on that hazy Monday is a little easier.
Kevin Andrews, RAC’s patrol ambassador of the year, said: “Our aim is to ensure festival goers enjoy the Glastonbury experience and spend as little time as possible worrying about their car.”
“We see all kinds of weird and wacky breakdowns but the most common issue we get is from people who’ve lost their car keys.  I strongly recommend that fans store these in a safe place and don’t leave valuables on display either.  We also get a number of calls from people who simply can’t find their vehicle – it’s important to make a note of any landmarks nearby to avoid a lengthy wait until the car park empties!”
Adding to the useful travel tips and non-member breakdown offer, RAC has also provided some details about the best routes to take on the way to Worthy Farm:
North East – Take the A1 or M1, then M25 to M3 J12, then A303 and A37.
North West – Use the M6 and M5 to A39 J23, then take A361.
Midlands – Use M40, then A34 to A303 and A37.
Wales – Take M4, then M5 to get to A39 J23, then A361
West Country – Take A37 or A361
London – Use M3, then A303, followed by A37
As always, Glastonbury boasts an incredible line-up of the world’s most popular rockers and pop stars.  This year’s event is headlined on the Pyramid Stage by U2, Coldplay and Beyoncé, whilst the headline acts on the Other Stage are Primal Scream, The Chemical Brothers and Queens of the Stone Age.  Both stages will also host a slew of other great bands and solo acts including Plan B, Biffy Clyro, Paul Simon and Pendulum.